Management Team

The members of our Team have a diverse range of skills and capabilities that complement one another. It is our aim to avoid reliance on one single individual and instead combine our individual strengths to achieve our various goals.

Though each team member has a specific responsibility, the ability for other team member's expertise to overlap is a key element to our success and is viewed as essential to this process. This organisational philosophy ensure "the job gets done" and that performance is shared amongst the team members.

In addition to the day to day benefit, this management environment fosters growth and personal development within the greater team. Contribution and participation is strongly encouraged throughout all employee and contractor ranks.

Management Profiles

John Beaini, Director (Cert. Building, Licensed Builder)

John takes on the role of senior site supervisor. He ensures the overall performance of the construction team across all projects is of high standards. He takes great pride with all his projects and expects attention to the detail with completing work in exact accordance of the design specifications and The Building Code of Australia.

Ronnie Beaini, Director (Ass. Dip. Building Science, Licensed Builder)

Ronnie primarily acts as the senior construction manager across all projects. He focuses on relationships between our team and contractors on site and also ensuring projects are delivered on or ahead of time. Ronnie Schedule’s the project in logical steps and budget time required to meet deadlines. Ronnie also determines labour requirements and dispatches workers to construction sites as required.

Peter Kapil, HSEQ Director and GM Corporate Development (B.E.)

Peter is primarily responsible for the design and management of work methods, and compliance with all statutory and industry regulations and guidelines and training. Peter is a qualified engineer in civil and mechanical disciplines with extended qualifications in management and occupational health and safety. Peter is involved in all aspects of the business, ensuring that company objectives are met through the implementation of detailed processes.

John Michael, Project Manager (Bach. of Construction Management)

John’s position as consulting project manager assists with contracts administration, ensuring that the client's requirements are met and that the project is completed on time and within budget. He also covers all aspects from the design stage through to completion and handover to the client. John has been working as a consultant for Academy Construction and Development after serving 7 years with Walker Corporation and Mirvac as a Contracts Administrator/Project Manager.